Class Encoding


Concept for encoding of Unicode characters.

concept Encoding {
    typename Ch;    //! Type of character. A "character" is actually a code unit in unicode's definition.

    enum { supportUnicode = 1 }; // or 0 if not supporting unicode

    //! \brief Encode a Unicode codepoint to an output stream.
    //! \param os Output stream.
    //! \param codepoint An unicode codepoint, ranging from 0x0 to 0x10FFFF inclusively.
    template<typename OutputStream>
    static void Encode(OutputStream& os, unsigned codepoint);

    //! \brief Decode a Unicode codepoint from an input stream.
    //! \param is Input stream.
    //! \param codepoint Output of the unicode codepoint.
    //! \return true if a valid codepoint can be decoded from the stream.
    template <typename InputStream>
    static bool Decode(InputStream& is, unsigned* codepoint);

    //! \brief Validate one Unicode codepoint from an encoded stream.
    //! \param is Input stream to obtain codepoint.
    //! \param os Output for copying one codepoint.
    //! \return true if it is valid.
    //! \note This function just validating and copying the codepoint without actually decode it.
    template <typename InputStream, typename OutputStream>
    static bool Validate(InputStream& is, OutputStream& os);

    // The following functions are deal with byte streams.

    //! Take a character from input byte stream, skip BOM if exist.
    template <typename InputByteStream>
    static CharType TakeBOM(InputByteStream& is);

    //! Take a character from input byte stream.
    template <typename InputByteStream>
    static Ch Take(InputByteStream& is);

    //! Put BOM to output byte stream.
    template <typename OutputByteStream>
    static void PutBOM(OutputByteStream& os);

    //! Put a character to output byte stream.
    template <typename OutputByteStream>
    static void Put(OutputByteStream& os, Ch c);

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