Function GetParseError_En


#include <include/rapidjson/error/en.h>

const RAPIDJSON_ERROR_CHARTYPE * GetParseError_En(ParseErrorCode parseErrorCode)


Maps error code of parsing into error message.


parseErrorCode - Error code obtained in parsing.

the error message.
User can make a copy of this function for localization. Using switch-case is safer for future modification of error codes.

Mentioned in


Lines 36-66 in include/rapidjson/error/en.h.

inline const RAPIDJSON_ERROR_CHARTYPE* GetParseError_En(ParseErrorCode parseErrorCode) {
    switch (parseErrorCode) {
        case kParseErrorNone:                           return RAPIDJSON_ERROR_STRING("No error.");

        case kParseErrorDocumentEmpty:                  return RAPIDJSON_ERROR_STRING("The document is empty.");
        case kParseErrorDocumentRootNotSingular:        return RAPIDJSON_ERROR_STRING("The document root must not be followed by other values.");

        case kParseErrorValueInvalid:                   return RAPIDJSON_ERROR_STRING("Invalid value.");

        case kParseErrorObjectMissName:                 return RAPIDJSON_ERROR_STRING("Missing a name for object member.");
        case kParseErrorObjectMissColon:                return RAPIDJSON_ERROR_STRING("Missing a colon after a name of object member.");
        case kParseErrorObjectMissCommaOrCurlyBracket:  return RAPIDJSON_ERROR_STRING("Missing a comma or '}' after an object member.");

        case kParseErrorArrayMissCommaOrSquareBracket:  return RAPIDJSON_ERROR_STRING("Missing a comma or ']' after an array element.");

        case kParseErrorStringUnicodeEscapeInvalidHex:  return RAPIDJSON_ERROR_STRING("Incorrect hex digit after \\u escape in string.");
        case kParseErrorStringUnicodeSurrogateInvalid:  return RAPIDJSON_ERROR_STRING("The surrogate pair in string is invalid.");
        case kParseErrorStringEscapeInvalid:            return RAPIDJSON_ERROR_STRING("Invalid escape character in string.");
        case kParseErrorStringMissQuotationMark:        return RAPIDJSON_ERROR_STRING("Missing a closing quotation mark in string.");
        case kParseErrorStringInvalidEncoding:          return RAPIDJSON_ERROR_STRING("Invalid encoding in string.");

        case kParseErrorNumberTooBig:                   return RAPIDJSON_ERROR_STRING("Number too big to be stored in double.");
        case kParseErrorNumberMissFraction:             return RAPIDJSON_ERROR_STRING("Miss fraction part in number.");
        case kParseErrorNumberMissExponent:             return RAPIDJSON_ERROR_STRING("Miss exponent in number.");

        case kParseErrorTermination:                    return RAPIDJSON_ERROR_STRING("Terminate parsing due to Handler error.");
        case kParseErrorUnspecificSyntaxError:          return RAPIDJSON_ERROR_STRING("Unspecific syntax error.");

        default:                                        return RAPIDJSON_ERROR_STRING("Unknown error.");

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