Class Stream


Concept for reading and writing characters.

For read-only stream, no need to implement PutBegin(), Put(), Flush() and PutEnd().

For write-only stream, only need to implement Put() and Flush().

concept Stream {
    typename Ch;    //!< Character type of the stream.

    //! Read the current character from stream without moving the read cursor.
    Ch Peek() const;

    //! Read the current character from stream and moving the read cursor to next character.
    Ch Take();

    //! Get the current read cursor.
    //! \return Number of characters read from start.
    size_t Tell();

    //! Begin writing operation at the current read pointer.
    //! \return The begin writer pointer.
    Ch* PutBegin();

    //! Write a character.
    void Put(Ch c);

    //! Flush the buffer.
    void Flush();

    //! End the writing operation.
    //! \param begin The begin write pointer returned by PutBegin().
    //! \return Number of characters written.
    size_t PutEnd(Ch* begin);

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Line 27 in include/rapidjson/stream.h.

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